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Comienzan los preparativos para la celebración presencial en Cartagena (Murcia) del 20º Aniversario de videoedicion.org el próximo 4 de septiembre.
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23 de julio de 2021, 21:56:08


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Iniciado por XCARDO, 10 de noviembre de 2019, 10:30:30

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Ha salido una nueva actualización, ¿alguien sabe en que consiste?.
Un saludo


Estos son los cambios (No oficial) y en ingles

New Features for this update:
Improved performance for MeshWarp video effect
Backwards tracking for Bezier Mask video effect
Improved precision for tracking function in Bezier Mask video effect
Added ability to render to 8k for any project that is greater than 4k resolution
Support setting projects to up to 240 frames per second
Bug Fixes
Fixed error when 2nd Mask is applied using Copy Motion Track to PiP function
Fixed crash when creating nested timeline from event that was created in the Trimmer
Fixed text input errors using Korean characters in the Titles and Text media generator
Import Media button in Project Media window now properly executes the import command that the button is currently showing
Project Media "Stop" button now properly enabled when "Auto Play" is enabled
Fixed issue with Bezier mask when multiple masks are applied where interactive controls may not match the current mask
Fixed issue where some keyframes in Picture-In-Picture video effect are not properly saved in the project file
Jump will no longer occur on Stabilized event after resizing and reanalysis of the event
Fixed issue where users can overwrite an existing nested timeline if they reuse the default name
Added prompt to notify users to save or revert changes to a nested timeline before navigating back to the parent timeline
Fixed problem on Event header so proper dragging of the event will occur when expected
Will no longer hang when loading projects with 20 or more bins in a folder in the Project Media window
Fixed problem where deleting an event with ripple on can cause events to overlap
Automatically building proxies will not incorrectly set the project settings when you select ok to the Match Media Properties dialog
Fixed issue where some variable framerate footage does not sync the audio and video
The preview display will look correct when slip editing with "Video Event Edge Edit Frames" turned off
Render options in the RenderAs dialog are now always available
Fixed problem where you are unable to import screen capture files multiple times in a single session of VEGAS
Properly handle variable frame rate footage with high frame rates (120 to 240 fps)
Dj, editor de audio y video.


Si alguien quiere descargar esta actualización, dejo el enlace.
Vegas Pro V17 actualización 2 (353)

                  Jordi Girona
Mi canal YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXKgjPn-_wHc_bdpeXx844A 
Mi página Web: http://www.jordigirona.com
Para que nosotros mismos seamos libres, debemos dar libertad a los demás